At Modanisa, we believe that every woman, regardless of her faith, deserves to have options to choose and express her own style. She deserves to have the freedom to look good, however, she chooses, and to have the freedom to reflect who she is.

Four years ago, Modanisa launched what would become a trailblazing series of Modest Fashion events all around the world. Modanisa Modest Fashion Week bridged continents to create a global platform where designers, brands, influencers, and consumers converged to see the latest trends and share industry insights. It set the standard for future international Modest Fashion events and inspired many more people to enter this dynamic and fast-growing sector.

We see Muslim women thriving in every aspect of life and receiving increasing recognition for their achievements. While proudly carrying their hijab, they will continue to embrace the world with all its possibilities.

In 2020, Modest Fashion Week will be the capital of the Modest Fashion in Istanbul. Literally straddling East and West, this stunning and historic city will play host to an exciting mix of established and emerging designers under the watchful eye of international media. It is a fantastic and not-to-be-missed opportunity for anyone serious about Modest Fashion We invite you to join us to give inspiration to every single woman who aspires to look her best.