Since its first collection in 2015 Mayovera, has been a directing force of modest swimsuit industry and a distinctive label that presents its products by preserving this mission. Mayovera designed burkinis, skirted swimsuits, swim dresses and beach bags to meet modest women’s needs and got accepted in a very short time. In addition to making a difference in design, Mayovera has adopted the principle of targeting the best in every field of manufacturing from fabric production to mold and sewing. The reasons for Mayovera’s existence are overcoming itself in every collection and being indispensable in quality and service.

2019 summer collection is more vivid, more colorful… Again in the assertion of self-transcendence, Mayovera has original designs and lines that are not afraid of being out of standard lines. Modest women of all age groups will feel comfortable and have the designs that reflect their style.