UmmiRiaz International

In year 2016, UMMIRIAZ has came out with a new black label clothing lines, named as UMMIRIAZ INTERNATIONAL. We clearly define UMMIRIAZ INTERNATIONAL to be a strong fashion brand and global presence especially in the International Modest Fashion Industry. We have been selected as one of ‘12 Most Favourite Looks from London Modest Fashion Week 2017’ by Emirates Women. Our brand existence has also been recognized by SUBVRT, The Famous

Mainstream Fashion Magazine in New York, we have been interviewed and covered in 4 pages on topic ‘ When Modest Meets Mainstream : Bridging the Gap Between Conservation and Couture’ in February 2018 edition. Thus, we truly believes that our functional classic-modern designs and color scheme that mostly influence so much by natures beauty can create on-trend modest lifestyle among young-modern-women who are in love with clean silhouettes, innovative design yet functional.

For long term, of cause we were fully committed and aiming to be Malaysia’s Trusted Modest Fashion Brand for global market and to be a “House of Modest Fashion” that caters all women needs from head to toe all over the world. InsyaAllah